A Couple of Announcements

first off, I got my computer to work again, which really just means I let it sit, turned off, for about a month and then had the patience to go through the startup again today

So, accomplishment!

Secondly, I’m taking a break from tumblr for who knows how long, hopefully forever, but I might cave. I have way too much in my life to have this site be a priority, and since I don’t know how to just spend a little bit of time on tumblr, I’m cutting it out completely 


To ignore the elders rallying for the sake of our babies and young people peacefully protesting on behalf of our future while some (white) visitors instigate disarray is morally reprehensible. Beyond Ferguson, the pattern is clear. Blacks are always to blame, even as we are brutalized by police, ghettoized by neoliberal policies, and disenfranchised by a racist criminal (in)justice system.

But that’s the crux of white supremacist racial logic: the problem with black people is … well, black people – not mass incarceration and the deindustrialization of urban America, not educational inequality and generational poverty, not 400 years of slavery, lynchings, and Jim Crow. To be black in America is to be victimized and then made responsible for our victimization. We built this country. But, apparently, it is we who are lazy and dependent. We are bullied politically, socially and economically. But it is we who are called ‘thugs.’
-Nyle Fort, "White supremacy is the real culprit in Ferguson. The excuses just prove it" (via amazonpoodle)

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schools in Ferguson area will remain close until next week and many students are falling behind

The strength of the Ferguson community in the face of the war zone the police have created is truly a thing of beauty.

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don’t make eye contact

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